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Enjoy your shopping!!

24363 青木龍山 (天目青韻ぐい呑) AOKI Ryuzan

SKU 24363

Height 4.4 cm

Diameter 6.8 cm

In 1954, he won the first prize for the first exhibition at the 10th Nitten Exhibition with "Large Plate with Flower Crest Dyeing", and since then he has been steadily selected, becoming the top so-called Nitten artist.

In Arita, a town of dyeing and color painting, we have consistently pursued a rich form with wide-mouthed porcelain tension, and applied iron sand, silver sand, blue, green, etc. to the jet-black Tenmoku glaze. With a modern design, he developed a new frontier centered on porcelain and became a representative writer of Arita porcelain.

Throughout his life, he and his wife, Ayako (died in 2007), continued to burn Tenmoku on a three-legged race without taking his disciple, becoming the first recipient of the Order of Culture in Saga.