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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24409 人間国宝 松井康成 (練上嘯裂茜茶盌) MATSUI Kosei

SKU 24409

Height 7.8 cm

Diameter 13.1 cm

Established a technique of skill in craftsmanship with a rich sense of color and an extraordinary sense of ceramic art.

Presenting the ideal way of modern unique ceramic art based on traditional techniques, the great potter [Kosei Matsui] who has achieved many great achievements such as being certified as an important intangible cultural property holder of the country by his [skillful skill]. ] Top-level work.

This work uses the representative technique of Kosei Matsui, who makes full use of his rich sense of color and high skill.

The title of the work, "Rupture," is a pattern of cracks caused by scratching the surface of the vessel with a brush or comb, and represents the rough and harsh texture of the soil itself. It is highly evaluated as showing the author's unique work world that is not in the training of.