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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24469  人間国宝 黒田辰秋 (朱漆螺鈿大名鎬茶器) KURODA Tatsuaki

SKU 24469

Height 8.2 cm

Diameter 7.9 cm

Tatsuaki Kuroda (September 21, 1904-June 4, 1982) is a lacquer artist and woodworker.

He was born in Kyoto prefecture.

He is widely known for woodworking such as joinery and joinery, and lacquer art such as dry lacquer and Raden.

Raden shows various expressions depending on the amount of light and the viewing angle, fascinating what you see. A tea set with a beautiful Raden in a bright vermilion color.

The plump shape, which is larger than the works published in the catalog, exudes kindness in an outstanding presence combined with vermilion.

It is a fine and powerful product with no tears.