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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

About Us

Our shop opened an antique shop in Nishiwaki in the early Showa era, and it has been in business for 85 years. (Current store opened in 1988) I started my business from my grandfather's generation, and now I'm the 3rd generation.

With the passage of time, we have been dealing with famous artists, mainly modern ceramics, and we opened this store 14 years ago in order to introduce better products to a wide range of customers.

There are not only products listed on the website but also many other products in the store, and you can see how good they are.

Starting with modern masters such as Kenkichi Tomimoto, Kanjiro Kawai, Rosanjin Kitaoji, Toyozo Arakawa, Touyo Kaneshige, Reio Okabe and others, works of living national treasures are regularly posted.

It takes about an hour by car from Osaka and Kobe, so please stop by on the way. I go to Tokyo and Nagoya on business once a month, and if you ask in advance, you can actually see the work.

There are many customers who think "It makes me want to see it in my hand..." and go to Nishiwaki.

Name Art Hida
Business Profile Sales and purchase of modern arts and crafts, paintings, tea utensils, antiquities in general, wholesale to department stores and retail stores, and consignment of merchandise
Address 240-2 Ueno, Nishiwaki-shi, Hyogo, 6770044, Japan