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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23705  藤原建 (Bizen vase) FUJIWARA Ken

SKU 23705

Height 23.6 cm

Diameter 21.7 cm

Ken Fujiwara is a man who became a landlord by having Fujiwara Kei as his uncle and continuing to make pottery.

Known as an important intangible cultural property samurai in Okayama Prefecture, he was a contemporary artist who sublimes traditional Bizen ware into a modern appearance.

An excellent work in which the unique beauty of Bizen is added and the casual beauty created by flames is pursued to the last minute.

There is somewhere to go, and it invites nostalgia, but the modern and stylish atmosphere is Fujiwara Ken's good taste.

Although it is a very simple production of sesame and earthy taste, the soothing soil color creates an exquisite balance.

And you can feel the high technology that reminds you of famous ceramics, such as the beautiful and smooth form that does not go out of order for one minute.