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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

18905 富本憲吉 (Piece in the color picture "White Clouds" five customers) TOMIMOTO Kenkichi

SKU 18905

Height (2.3 cm)

Diameter (15.6 cm)

Made in 1955.

 "Colored porcelain" certified as a living national treasure. A work drawn as "hakuun'yūyū" which is used as one of the representative designs of Kenkichi.

 The delicate, gentle and gentle handwriting of Kenkichi's inflections and light and gentle strokes is drawn lightly as `` hakuun'yūy 、 '', and the beautiful blue fits naturally into the uterus, expressing a soft finish, a circle with a bright red painting , Dignified colors, radiant shine, more developed style.

 And you can see the color of white porcelain that is more genuine and has a slightly matte texture than seen in the late work style, the brilliant and colorful color painter of Kenkichi, and the high ideal expression, It is an excellent item that shows a beautiful finish.