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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

20622 河井寛次郎 (Tamate pot) KAWAI Kanjiro

SKU 20622

Height 25.3 cm

Width 18.7 cm

Depth 12.3 cm

A work in his later years using the technique of squeezing glaze and squeezing it three-dimensionally. The color of the Shigaraki area and the pattern of the cylinder drawing is also excellent, and it is a unique figure that is especially full of designs among Kanjiro's various flat pots.

Among Kanjiro's tube drawings, he has a clearer idea, tells the story of the whole body born in the pottery, is free-spirited, boldly transforms and gives off an aura full of deep creativity, and the modeling and patterns are very complete. It is the highest peak gem with a rare style.