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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

20926 4代上出喜山 (Brocade Gourd hexagonal five colors Komon Pattern sake bottle [pair]) KAMIDE Kizan

SKU 20926

Height (16.4 cm)

Diameter (7.5 cm)

 He learned pottery from his father and earned the name of the 4th generation in 1973, later received the honor of being designated as an Imperial Imperial Kiln, and was designated as His Majesty's gift and became a national guest such as Britain, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, etc.

 Work of [Kamiide Kizan] (1922-) showing his success.  

   The four generations, who inherited the "Komon style" invented by their father, have developed elaborate and varied works, and it is said that they had the skills to deal with any paintings.  

 The very detailed pattern expression expresses the fine technique unique to the four generations, and the polite brocade hand without compromising each one creates a masterpiece, and it is a wonderful splendid twisted shape It is a gem.  

 Please enjoy this work which was good at appreciation at hand.