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Enjoy your shopping!!

22067 八木一夫 (Saihomu Cup)  YAGI Kazuo

SKU 22067

Height (4.6 cm)

Diameter (7.3 cm)

1948 Formed "Sodeisha" with Osamu Suzuki and Hikaru Yamada.

1957 Became a part-time lecturer in the Department of Sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts (currently Kyoto City University of Arts), and began making black pottery works for the first time this year.

1969 "Kazuo Yagi Works" (Kyuryudo) is published.

1972 "Kazuo Yagi solo exhibition" is held at Isetan, Tokyo, and the series of books is announced.

1978 "Kazuo Yagi pottery exhibition" at "FICA78" held at Grand Palais in Paris. "Is displayed and won a high reputation.

"60th Anniversary Yagi Kazuo Exhibition" will be held in Isetan, Tokyo.