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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24072 各務周海  (Kiseto sake bottle) KAGAMI Syukai

SKU 24072

Height 14.1 cm

Diameter 10.4 cm

Born in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture in 1941.

Graduated from Komazawa University in 1963.

1966 Completed a research student course at the Gifu Ceramics Experiment Station. Studied under Kohei Kato, 5th generation.

1968: An independent kiln built into a kiln

1979 Received the Excellence Skills Award from the Governor of Gifu Prefecture for research on raw materials produced in the Ena region.

May 2009, died.

It is a work that has a perfect working area even if it is for viewing, and can be proud of for a long time.