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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23989 河井寛次郎 (Cinnabar Bowl (Koha appraisal)) KAWAI Kanjiro

SKU 22813

Height 8.2 cm

Diameter 12.3 cm

Renowned ceramic artist [Kanjiro Kawai] (1890-1966) who has been active worldwide, such as the Paris Expo and the Milan Triennale Exhibition (both won the Grand Prix).

It is a beautiful bowl of cinnabar. The charming vermilion cinnabar glaze is applied to the white glaze.

The vessel is a solid waist with a solid feeling, and the hill stands up and iron glaze is applied, which is very impressive. In addition, it is a gem filled with the thoughts put in his pottery, with a deep and solid feeling that you can easily feel in your hand and feel the warmth and familiarity.