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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23294 人間国宝 三輪休和 (Hagi ware sake cup) MIWA Kyuwa

SKU 23294

Height 5.0cm

Diameter 6.5cm

Kawakita handeishi, kaneshige tōyō, arakawa toyozō and "Karahine-kai" were formed to pioneer Hagi ware by original study, and in the later years MIWA Kyuwa was named as a human national treasure in Hagi ware and modern Japanese ceramics A master who has made great achievements in history. Kyuwa's top-of-the-line work is cheerful to tea ware and is a highly artistic work that fuses good old tradition with one's own style while seriously confronting Hagi ware.   Kyuwa's ability is truly impressive, with its gorgeous and varied scenery and bold artistic beauty.