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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23400 荒川豊蔵 (Karatsu style Picture of a plum Bowl) ARAKAWA Toyozo

SKU 23400

Height 9.3cm  

Diameter 12.4cm

ARAKAWA Toyozo is a national national treasure representing Mino who has made great achievements in the history of modern Japanese ceramics.

In addition to Mino ceramics, it is a work of Karatsu, which has a deep knowledge and has a close relationship with Karatsu's heavyweight, Koju Nishioka.

A well-balanced shape and a typical design "Picture of a plum" are drawn in a relaxed manner, and milky white ash glaze hangs on the plum blossoms as if it were snowing, and the bowl is warm and warm.  

Lean painting emphasizes the beauty of the margins, and the nostalgia that you can watch without getting tired can be said to be the essence of Toyozo Arakawa's beauty.