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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23499  人間国宝 三浦小平二 (Celadon cup) MIURA Koheiji

SKU 23499

Height 5.6㎝

Diameter 7.5cm

Born in Sado's unnamed pottery pottery, he studied sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts and learned the traditional techniques of celadon under the living national treasure [Hajime Kato]. Celadon porcelain, which was strongly influenced by the Chinese Southern Song Kiln, has gained a high reputation worldwide. Even in Japan, the masterpiece [Miura Koheiji] is a masterpiece that has been honored as a living national treasure of "Celadon", with brilliant achievements such as the Ministry of Education Prize winner of the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition selected as a purchase work by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It is a work that fully fills the artistry of Mr. Kodaira Miura, who sublimated the Nan Song Kiln in modern times. There is MK mark of later work.