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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23535 人間国宝 三輪休和 (Hagi tea bowl) MIWA Kyuwa

SKU 23535

Height 9.5㎝

Diameter 13.2cm

 Named teenage Miwa Kyusetsu. In the later years, he was a great master in modern Japanese ceramic art, such as Miwa Kyuwa, who was finally recognized as a living national treasure at Hagi ware. This work, which is the top work of Miwa Kyuwa, is a representative of Miwa Kyuwa, who is bright in tea pottery and develops highly artistic tea utensils that fuse good old tradition with his own style while seriously facing Hagi Yaki It is a bowl. Graceful and varied scenery and bold arts are truly beautiful, and tea is prosperous and very easy to receive, and it is a perfect work that can be said to be a perfect gift of Mr. Miwa Yuka. It also features an elevated platform.