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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23575 岡部嶺男 (Eshino Bowl) OKABE Mineo

SKU 23575

Height (9.1cm)

diameter (13.8cm)

 Among the works of Mineo, the highest tea bowl. It is a gem that can be said to be the gift of Mineo's pottery spirit.   Daimyo is a masterpiece showing outstanding work that revived the aesthetic sense of old good Momoyama pottery to the present age while thinking about the mind of the user. The uncompromising figure of Mineo's delicate thoughts, uncompromising figure, is filled with tremendous confidence in the bowl, the degree of care is very gentle, and it is born from the modeling power and the deep exploration that really cares for the details. Tamineo Shino is a dish with a very good finish and atmosphere that allows you to enjoy a soft texture unique to others.