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Enjoy your shopping!!

23587 人間国宝 清水卯一 (蓬莱燿盃) SHIMIZU Uichi

SKU 23587

Height 4.3 cm

Diameter 7.7 cm

He studied Chinese pottery under the living national treasure Munemaro Ishigura of "iron glaze pottery".

After working as a trainee at the National Kyoto Ceramics Research Institute, he was an assistant at the Ceramics Department of the Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute.

After that, he devoted himself to pottery activities centered on his home pottery, and was certified as a living national treasure of "iron glaze pottery" at the young age of 59, which was the youngest record at that time.

In his later years, the top work of Uichi Shimizu, a world-famous potter who continued to play an active role by moving the pottery to the foot of Mt. Horai in Kosai, Shiga Prefecture.

This work is a Horai kiln built at the foot of Mt. Horai, which is rich in nature, and it can be seen that it is a special work for Professor Uichi Shimizu so that the name is inherited as it is in the work.

This work, named "Horai-San", is characterized by a fantastic view that spreads from the prospect to the rim, and the sharp thin molding that makes you feel like you can cut your hands and the glittering grains peculiar to Horai-San are outstandingly aligned. The best masterpiece that boasts the workmanship of.

This work, which is a must-have piece when talking about Professor Uichi Shimizu, is a work that should be handed down to posterity as a fantastic gem with life dwelling in the sake cup. A masterpiece that continues to shine in the history of Japanese ceramic art as a sake set that emits.