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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23611 人間国宝 加藤孝造 (Shino Cup) KATO Kozo

SKU 23611

Height 4.8 ㎝

diameter 6.1 cm

 Studied under the great master of modern and modern Shino, "Toyozo Arakawa", and pursued Minoyama Mino deeply and continued to produce excellent works such as traditional Shino, Kiseto, Seto black etc. with a semi-ground type hole kiln [Kozo Kato] 】Work of.

 It is a truly beautiful Shino work unique to Kozo, and the beautiful colors show an outstanding texture, and the artist's high ability is fully demonstrated.   It is a wonderful Shino work that boasts the scarlet color of the womb, which can be glimpsed in faintly beautiful pink glaze, a stunning vessel shape with excellent appreciation, and a beautiful and dignified scenery.