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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23627 岡部嶺男 (織部筒湯呑) OKABE Mineo

SKU 23627

Height (9.3cm)

Diameter (6.4cm)  

 As an eldest son of katō tōkurō, he has been on the path of pottery since he was a child. The work of a solitary genius potter [Mineo Okabe] who has made great achievements in the history of modern art in Japan.  

 Speaking of Mineo Okabe, I guess many people imagine celadon in his later years. However, inherited from katō tōkurō, even after the breakup, he has produced many masterpieces of Momoyama pottery with his original ideas and soul-dancing ceramics.

 This work is a gem that can be said to be the gift of Okabe mineo's pottery spirit, with well-balanced and powerful modeling and a gorgeous and beautiful coloration of Oribe glaze.

 It is a work that demonstrates outstanding work that has revived the aesthetic sense of the good old Momoyama pottery to the present age while thinking about the mind of the user.

 The gem of Okabe mineo's beauty can be seen everywhere.