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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23629 人間国宝 三浦小平二 (Celadon tōsai Camel picture Cup) MIURA Koheiji

SKU 23629

Height 5.2㎝

diameter 7.0cm

* MK mark

 Under the living national treasure [Katō hajime], learn the traditional techniques of celadon. Celadon porcelain, which was strongly influenced by the Chinese Southern Song Kiln, has gained a high reputation worldwide.  

 Even in Japan, the MIURA Koheiji is a masterpiece that has been recognized as a living national treasure of "Celadon" with brilliant achievements, such as the Ministry of Education Prize winning work selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Technology of Japan.

   MIURA Koheiji, a modern sublimation of the Southern Song Guan Kiln, is a work full of artistry. He was fascinated by celadon porcelain and traveled to China, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, etc., and expressed his unique worldview by adding sculptural and pictorial elements to his ceramics.

 This item is painting a camel.