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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23776 藤田喬平 (Hand blowing Decoration Tatsuta) FUJITA Kyohei

SKU 23776

Height 16.1 cm

Diameter 16.5 cm

Japan's world-class glass artist [Kyohei Fujita] (1921-2004).

The supreme glass art "Kazaribako", which has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas.

This work is a work that boasts extremely good workmanship.

It is a masterpiece with a luxurious and gorgeous decoration made of plenty of gold and silver leaf, which attracts the highest quality.

It's a work that proudly presents "Japanese beauty" to the world, with colorful flower blizzards dancing in a gorgeous atmosphere in a fantastic space colorfully decorated with gold and silver.

It is the most elegant work that mixes the aesthetics of contemporary art with the aesthetics of Rinpa, which has been passed down since ancient times.