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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23799 14代酒井田柿右衛門  (Somenishiki Persimmon pattern Sencha set)   SAKAIDA Kakiemon

SKU 23799

Hot water pouring

Height 6.7 cm

Width 11.1 cm

Depth of 8.8 cm


Sencha bowl

Height 4.6 cm

Diameter 5.8 cm


Hot water cooling

Height 4.7 cm

Width 10.2 cm

Depth 6.7 cm

[Kakimon], which is drawn in a beautiful way, is one of the popular subjects.

A superb gem that has a well-balanced shape without violent proportions, colorful and realistic paintings, and the rich beauty of the white space while drawing in dense detail.