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Enjoy your shopping!!

23888  川喜田半泥子 (Red tea bowl (FujitaTofu appraisal) "Additional name snow lion") KAWAKITA Handeishi

SKU 23888

Height 9.4 cm

Diameter 13.0 cm

Handeishi Kawakita, a businessman who has held important positions in companies such as the president of the Hyakugo Bank, has demonstrated a variety of artistic talents such as calligraphy, tea baths, haiku, and photography.

It is a work of the whole body of Muddy.

This work is a smaller number of red Raku tea bowls than Kuroraku tea bowls among the half-mud children's works.

Raku ware was the reason why Handeishi started making pottery.

According to the appraisal of Tofu Fujita (Chairman of Ishimizu Kaikan, CEO of Hironaga Toen Co., Ltd.), it can be seen that the work was done in the Hironaga kiln after 1946.

Furthermore, as a postscript by the chashaku researcher Takahashi shakuan, it was named "Snow Lion", and it can be seen that it is the tradition of the Takahashi shakuan.

There is a Kintsugi, which is a sign of the unique attitude of making pottery by Handeishi Kawakita.

The commentary in the catalog also states that "few people have tried to take advantage of the natural phenomena of pottery, such as glaze baldness, stone goby, cracks, kilns, strain, and settling." .

The additional note "Snow Lion" expresses "unconditional clarity, freedom from doubt, clarity, and accuracy.

It has grace and dignity in its body, and its mind is in sync.

The snow lion is full of good vitality and has a natural feeling of joy. " It is a name suitable for the powerful modeling of Akaraku.