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Enjoy your shopping!!

23935  北大路魯山人 (Shinobachi) KITAOJI Rosanjin

SKU 23935

Height 8.5 cm

Diameter 19.5 cm

Touted as an unprecedented artist, he demonstrates his extraordinary talent not only in pottery but also in the fields of seal carving, lacquer art, and calligraphy.

A work by Rosanjin Kitaoji, a great master of comprehensive art that has left many masterpieces and legends in the world. Shino, who the author continued to produce from the early days of pottery to the last years of his life, gradually increased the redness from the milky white one with a slight scarlet color at the beginning, and finally the work with a beautiful contrast between red and white.

It has undergone a dramatic transformation. When I first started working on Shino, I used to make white moxa soil, which is generally used for Shino ware, but it is a soil that has many inconveniences for practical dishes for serving dishes. , I will use red clay from Shigaraki with fine skin and high quality.

Partly because of this, Rosanjin's Shino gradually became reddish, and Rosanjin did not overlook the accident, seeking a more intense and flame-like redness, and repeated research with a new method. With that, we succeeded in creating a "Shino" that had never existed before.