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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

23964 人間国宝 荒川豊蔵 (志野茶碗(東美鑑定書付属)) ARAKAWA Toyozo

SKU 23964

Height 10.0 cm

Diameter 12.8 cm

Recognized as an important intangible cultural property in both the fields of "Shino" and "Seto Kuro", leaving a great deal of achievement in the history of modern Japanese ceramic art.

Through the "Karahine-kai", he deepened exchanges with the leading figures in the Showa ceramic art world, such as Handeishi Kawakita, Kaneshige Toyo, and Kyuwa Miwa, and established a solid position.

Toyozora Arakawa is a living national treasure that represents Mino, which is still very popular and highly evaluated.

Toyozora Arakawa, who showed a deep knowledge other than Mino ceramics and had a close friendship with Koju Nishioka, a heavyweight in Karatsu, continued to produce this work throughout his life.

A well-proportioned model and a representative design, "Plum Blossom Painting," are drawn in a relaxed manner.

The lean painting emphasizes the "beauty of the margins", and the nobility of being able to look at it forever is the essence of Toyozora Arakawa's beauty.

Appraised by Tokyo Art Club.