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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24122 人間国宝 14代今泉今右衛門 (吹墨墨はじき雪菊文香炉)

SKU 24122

Height 11.6 cm

Width 15.8 cm

Depth 10.3 cm

In 2002, he was named Imaemon, the 14th generation.

A modern Nabeshima with "Yukihana Sumi Hajiki" and "Platinum Sai" using the original white makeup of the present generation, which developed the technique of "Sumi Hajiki" while focusing on the technique of "Color Nabeshima" The fourteenth generation Imaizumi Imaemon is being deployed.

Techniques such as "Sekkasumihajiki" and "Platinum Sai", which are synonymous with the author, are used to convey the charm of Mr. Imaemon, the 14th generation.

Please take this opportunity to cherish it.