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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24145 人間国宝 前田昭博 (白瓷大鉢) MAEDA Akihiro

SKU 24145

Height 15.8 cm

Diameter 44.5 cm

Making full use of chamfering technique, he develops his own soft white porcelain works one after another.

In 2013, he won the highest honor, "Living National Treasure," which he had received many awards but could not climb under the system certified for each field.

Works that use "light and shadow" by the above-mentioned technique have a charm that transcends the white porcelain found in ancient Chinese and Korean porcelain.

Akihiro Maeta, a living national treasure that is expected to play an even more active role in the future.

This work has a unique warm white porcelain texture and a beautiful soft and beautiful shape, and the dignified standing figure is very sophisticated and presents a wonderful atmosphere.

It is a gem that is right and suitable for the name of the best masterpiece, where you can feel the ultimate beauty of modeling because it is a white porcelain without any painting.

The artist's high artistry can be felt from his sophisticated work, and as soon as he is certified as a Living National Treasure, his popularity and reputation have skyrocketed.