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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24197 青木龍山 (天目花紋鉄彩花瓶) AOKI Ryuzan

SKU 24197

Height 30.5 cm

Diameter 18.5 cm

In Arita, a town of dyeing and color painting, we have consistently pursued a rich form with wide-mouthed porcelain tension, and applied iron sand, silver sand, blue, green, etc. to the jet-black Tenmoku glaze. With a modern design, he developed a new frontier centered on flower ware and became a representative writer of Arita porcelain.

Throughout his life, he continued to burn Tenmoku on a three-legged race with his wife Ayako (died in 2007) without taking his disciple, and became the first recipient of the Order of Culture in Saga, a pottery village.