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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24210 山本出 (備前𡈽緋襷三方花入) IZURU Yamamoto

SKU 24210

Height 23.6 cm

Diameter 9.0 cm

After studying sculpture when he was a student, he studied under his father, Living National Treasure (the late) Toshu Yamamoto, and entered the path of ceramic art.

Shortly after his independence, he pursued new possibilities for his material, "soil," and set out his own unique pottery method.

He established "Shussai", which creatively expresses the color tones of "tapping" and "earth".

After that, he obtained the "soil" he met in Burgundy, France, and continued his quest, establishing "stacking" by modeling a novel form. Based on the inherited Bizen, one person who breathed a new breeze while making full use of Yamamoto's original method.