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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24218 河井寛次郎 花扁壷 KAWAI Kanjiro

SKU 24218

Height 21.0 cm

Width 16.1 cm

Depth 12.6 cm

Together with masters such as Soetsu Yanagi and Shoji Hamada, who represent the Japanese folk crafts, and Kenkichi Tomimoto and Tatsuaki Kuroda, who represent modern Japanese crafts, they have laid the foundations of the Japanese folk crafts and played an active role as the central figure. ..

Kanjiro Kawai, a master of the Japanese folk art world who has been highly acclaimed worldwide, has pioneered a new frontier in modern ceramic art with a profound and simple style pursuing "beauty of use" and won the Grand Prize at the Milan International Exhibition.

This work is a masterpiece with a unique cylinder drawing by Kanjiro. In some places, the kiln has changed and a pale cherry color has appeared.