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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24221 加藤唐九郎  (黄瀬戸茶碗「伏水桃山」(東美鑑定書付属・図録掲載品)

SKU 24221

Height 8.5 cm

Diameter 14.2 cm

The tampan glaze and iron glaze are beautifully colored to add a lonely expression to the body that has been baked tightly.

The inscription "Fushimi Momoyama" is an old way of writing Fushimi in Kyoto.

Momoyama is the birthplace of Momoyama culture.

Fushimi also means a bird's-eye view.

Overall, I think it means that the view overlooking the Momoyama Hills in Fushimi, Kyoto, the birthplace of Momoyama culture, is wonderful.

In the warm spring, you can see the scenery where the vegetation begins to sprout.

Kiseto tea bowl that was made only twice in my life.

It is an exquisite Kiseto tea bowl that has opened up a new frontier in his latest work.

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