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24244 板谷波山 (紫金磁葡萄彫紋花瓶) ITYA Hazan

SKU 24244

Height 24.2 cm

Diameter 24.2 cm

After graduating from the sculpture department of the Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts, he was appointed as an imperial artist after receiving numerous awards such as exhibiting "porcelain gold purple crystal glaze vase" at the Tokyo Business Expo in 1890 and receiving the third prize.

As a potter who learned the basics of art, he was a pioneer in establishing modern art pottery, not traditional pottery, and is regarded as a great potter who is unparalleled in modern times. Japan's best potter [Itaya Hazan] (1872- 1963) Work.

His representative works include "Aiko Saigoku Rare Fruit Vase" (Izumiya Hirokokan Collection, Important Cultural Property), "Ayako Enjubun Vase" (Idemitsu Museum of Arts Collection), and "Ayako Bird Fruit Vase" (Tsurui Museum of Art). It had an immeasurable influence on the history of modern ceramic art.

In the sculpture department of the Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts, this is a special grade product that stands out for its thin-walled sculpture, which is a specialty of the delicate sculpture technique trained by the sculptor Takamura Koun, an imperial artist.

According to the catalog, the production period is classified from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era, and although the size is different, the works with similar carving depth and rigor are 1927 (1927, 55 years old). There is a description of.

After the success of the Aiko Aya porcelain work, Hayama will shift to a monochromatic work. In this work, the inscription of the grapes partially sinks under the glaze, and it appears and disappears, conveying the thick thickness and softness of the glaze, and despite being a monochromatic glaze with a bitter color, it has a graceful atmosphere. increase.

Itaya Hazan's masterpiece, which received sculpture and artistic scents from Tenshin Okakura and Koun Takamura during his youth, and made the best potter's wheel, Ichimatsu Genda, his lifelong partner, and continued to work diligently with his work and strict attitude.