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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24265  北大路魯山人 (そめつけ吉祥鉢)  KITAOJI Rosanjin

SKU 24265

Height 7.6 cm

Diameter 19.0 cm

He is touted as an unprecedented artist, and demonstrates his extraordinary talent not only in ceramics but also in the fields of seal carving, lacquer art, and calligraphy.

The work of Rosanjin Kitaoji, a great master of comprehensive art that has left many masterpieces and legends in the world.

The characters "Daikichisho" are drawn on a thin, well-proportioned body, which is unique to porcelain works, using the technique of basket characters (a method of first drawing the outline of the characters and then filling the inside with color). I am.

The color of Gosu is also beautiful.