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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24293 人間国宝 音丸耕堂 (木彫蜂香合) OTOMARU Kodo


Height 3.5 cm

Width 6.6 cm

Depth 5.7 cm

A simple and warm wood carving incense by Otomaru Kodo, a living national treasure of "carved lacquer". He completed the technique of "carved lacquer", which engraves patterns after applying colored lacquer many times, and was certified as a Living National Treasure.

Since around 1977, he has produced many striped works that carve many lines in parallel.

With a variety of expression techniques that create a novel and unique style from traditional techniques, we have brought out the possibilities of expression with carved lacquer.

Aiming to improve the status of craftsmen, he established the "Kagawakai" with craftsmen in Kagawa Prefecture, and also contributed to the development of younger generations by establishing the "Charitable Trust Otomaru Urushige Research Encouragement Fund".