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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24295 西岡小十 (絵唐津鉢) NISHIOKA Koju

SKU 24295

Height 7.5 cm

Width 20.0 cm

Depth 17.5 cm

His research and the high technical skills deepened by his research and friendship with Mr. Fujio Koyama / Toyozora Arakawa / Kei Fujiwara, who hunted the ruins of an old kiln to reproduce the old Karatsu, attracted love potters and are a master craftsman representing modern Karatsu ware Nishioka Koju.

A quiet iron painting drawn with a brush stroke without any swords is united, and this work, which is dignified but dignified, is fascinated by old Karatsu and all of the craftsmen who aimed to reproduce old Karatsu. An excellent item of modern Karatsu with the above.