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Enjoy your shopping!!

24298 鈴木五郎 (鳴海織部カップ) SUZUKI Goro

SKU 24298

Height 8.7 cm

Diameter 11.0 cm

Born in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

He studied pottery making at the Seto Ceramics Training School, and when he made his debut at the 1962 Nitten Exhibition, he later won numerous awards.

While pursuing Momoyama pottery using craftsmanship and natural materials, Goro Suzuki continues to produce original works such as "Hawaii Oribe" and "Ross Oribe" rather than just imitation.

Narumi Oribe can be said to be a homage to Momoyama Ceramics, the author who leads contemporary ceramics.

Even so, it is the author's belief that it does not end in imitation.

Shape and painting, colorful glaze and design.

The dynamic feeling expressed by the entire vessel is the modern Narumi Oribe.