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Enjoy your shopping!!

24305 15代坂倉新兵衛 (萩耳付花入) SAKAKURA Shinnbei

SKU 24305

Height 26.0 cm

Diameter 13.0cm

The current generation, Shinbei Sakakura, was born in 1949 in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, as the eldest son of Shinbei Sakakura, the 14th generation.

In 1978, at the young age of 26, he was named Shinbei Sakakura, the 15th generation.

In 1984, he became a full member of the Japan Kogei Association and continued to exhibit mainly at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, winning many awards.

The 15s aimed to create simple works that make use of the soil of Hagi, and adopted traditional techniques such as adopting a decoration technique called "inlay" in which another soil is kneaded into the soil and painted. Based on this, we are actively incorporating new fields in modern times.