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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24315 増田俊也 (Low Pixel CG -先の読めない物語2 ) MASUDA Toshiya

SKU 24315

Height 2.0-6.2 cm

Width 14.2 -31.0 cm

Depth 4.6-21.4 cm

Toshiya Masuda (born 1977)

A work that creates great sympathy for people who lived in the same age group.

A work expressed in coarse pixels reminiscent of the early Nintendo Family Computer.

It is expressed as "pixel art pixel pottery".

In addition, the beauty of coloring is also outstanding, and the carefully painted work boasts a high degree of perfection so that everyone can mistake it for "Lego block".

All the works carefully produced by the technique of stacking make us feel a "nostalgic future".

There is an interview on YouTube.