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Enjoy your shopping!!

24331  木村盛伸 (茄子釉茶盌) KIMURA Morinobu

SKU 24331

Height 10.0 cm

Diameter 11.6 cm

Morinobu Kimura continues to make works that are particular about ash glaze.

Ash glaze using various natural materials such as shiso, eggplant, oak and pine gives the work with a natural form a truly tasty beauty.

One of the features is that it has a reasonable and sophisticated shape that is suitable for natural glaze.

Morinobu Kimura was born in 1932 as the third son of Seizan Kimura, who is famous as a master of painting Kyo ware.

Morinobu Kimura, who studied pottery under his eldest brother, was selected for the first time at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition at the young age of 26.

Since then, he will use familiar natural materials for the ash glaze and open up his own world of ceramic art.

His technique and achievements are highly evaluated, and he is also certified as a holder of intangible cultural properties in Kyoto Prefecture.