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Enjoy your shopping!!

24342 帝室技芸員 陶聖 板谷波山 (裂紋青磁香爐) ITAYA Hazan

SKU 24342

Height 10.8 cm

Diameter 9.6 cm

After graduating from the sculpture department of the Tokyo Fine Arts School (together with Tenshin Okakura and Koun Takamura), he exhibited "Magnetic Gold Purple Crystal Glaze Vase" at the Tokyo Kogyo Expo in 1890 and received numerous awards. After receiving the award, he was appointed as an imperial artist.

He received the Order of Culture for the first time as a potter, and after considering pottery as an art, he declined the consultation designated as a Living National Treasure in 1955.

As a potter who learned the basics of art, he was a pioneer in establishing modern art pottery, not traditional pottery, and is regarded as a great potter who is unparalleled in modern times. Japan's best potter [Itaya Hazan] (1872- 1963) Work.

His representative works include "Aiko Saigoku Rare Fruit Vase" (Izumiya Hirokokan Collection, Important Cultural Property), "Ayako Enjubun Vase" (Idemitsu Museum of Arts Collection), and "Ayako Bird Fruit Vase" (Tsurui Museum of Art). A potter who has had an immeasurable influence on the history of modern pottery.

This product is a "Rimon Celadon Censer" made with consideration of its own aesthetic sense and creativity while showing respect for Chinese celadon.

The whole area is intrusive, and the shape of the bank is skillful with gentle steps, and the whole area except the bottom soil is glazed with a lot of beautiful celadon glaze, making it an outstanding view.

The deep olive-colored celadon glaze has a deep taste that is hard to describe, and its brilliance is like a jewel.

It is a celadon work of the highest peak of Itaya Hazan, which is just wonderful, with an extremely dignified aura rushing from the whole body in a dignified tranquility and fascinating the viewer with an overwhelming presence.