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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24348  浦口雅行 (青瓷黒晶ぐい呑) URAGUCHI Masayuki

SKU 24348

Height 7.6 cm

Diameter 11.8 cm

It is a work of the whole body of Mr. Masayuki Uraguchi, who has a living national treasure, Koheiji Miura as a teacher.

He is a highly acclaimed celadon artist who has announced new techniques such as traditional celadon, black porcelain, sea pine lapis lazuli, and lapis lazuli.

The beauty of the glaze and the variety of intrusions unique to Pukou, who has a deep knowledge of Chinese ceramics, are the result of crystals that have been constantly striving through trial and error, and are the greatest attraction of Pukou Celadon.

In recent years, he has also taken on the challenge of masterpieces with original forms such as Hakusan Ryo and Hakusan Tsubo.