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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24361  人間国宝 藤原啓 (備前酒杯) FUJIWARA Kei

SKU 24361

Height 6.2 cm

Diameter 7.0 cm

In the ceramic art world of 40 years old, he started making pottery at an extremely late age and was certified as a national technical preservation qualified person after Kaneshige Toyo and Yamamoto Toshu.

While studying under Kaneshige Toyo and Rosanjin Kitaoji, he worked on the reconstruction of Kobizen, and at the same time, through his own study, he developed a simple and rough work that was different from the powerful and rough Kaneshige Toyo.

The work of Kei Fujiwara, a representative potter of Bizen ware, who has been recognized as an important intangible cultural property of the country and has established a solid position after being active on the international stage.

It has a very sophisticated personality, such as beautifully proportioned molding.

It is a work that masters the essence of simple and generous Bizen ware.