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Enjoy your shopping!!

24389 人間国宝 金重陶陽 (備前湯呑 二人(道明識)) KANESHIGE Toyo

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Height 9.8 cm

Diameter 8.3 cm

This is the Bizen Shuten-doji of Professor Kaneshige Toyo, the founder of the great Bizen ware Chuko, the first living national treasure.

He became the first living national treasure as a Bizen ware potter.

It succeeded in reviving Bizen ware, which had lost its popularity due to being pushed by Imari ware and Kutani ware since the middle of the Edo period, and is called "the founder of Bizen ware Chuko."

Not only was he an excellent potter himself, but he also raised many disciples and produced living national treasures one after another, and the achievements he made in the history of Bizen ware are immeasurable.