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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24419 北大路魯山人 (備前あや免花入(東美鑑定書付属)) KITAOJI Rosanjin

SKU 24419

Height  22.1 cm

Diameter  19.5 cm

He is touted as an unprecedented artist, and demonstrates his extraordinary talent not only in ceramics but also in the fields of seal carving, lacquer art, and calligraphy.

It is said that in the later years of Rosanjin, he deepened his friendship with the living national treasure [Kaneshige Toyo] of Bizen ware, and was so absorbed in making a Bizen ware kiln in Kamakura.

Bizen ware was created by Rosanjin Kitaoji, who showed extraordinary talent in a wide range of arts and wanted the name of a genius, as the culmination of his own art.

The irises carved on the body create a flowing atmosphere.

With a certificate of Tokyo Art Club.