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Enjoy your shopping!!

24422  川喜田半泥子 (茶盌「東雲」) KAWAKITA Handeishi

SKU 24422

Height 9.8 cm

Diameter 14.2 cm

Born in a wealthy merchant's house in Ise Kunizu, he is a businessman who has held important positions in companies such as the president of Hyakugo Bank, but he has demonstrated various artistic talents such as calligraphy, tea baths, haiku, and photography. It is a work of the whole body of Handeishi Kawakita, who was named alongside "Child".

The overall shape is large and the rim is distorted. Deformation and distortion of the vessel shape, stone goby and cracks, glaze baldness, and even kiln change play a major role in the formation of beauty.

"Shinonome" means the sky that turns red before dawn, when the transition from darkness to light.

It is a gem that overflows with the semi-mudness.