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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24434 12代酒井田柿右衛門  (柿形香爐) SAKAIDA Kakiemon

SKU 24434

Height 9.8 cm

Diameter 9.3cm

It is the work of his 12th generation Sakaida Kakiemon (1878-1963), who established himself as the ancestor of the reconstruction of modern Kakiemon through his steady production activities of craftsmanship and enthusiastic historical research.

Among all the Kakiemons of all time, the work of the 12th generation Sakaida Kakiemon is particularly impressive, and you can see the high level of craftsmanship at that time. This work is a bewitching red incense burner.

The unique "Kaki" of Kakiemon is beautifully expressed.

It is a wonderful gem that combines the strength and meekness of the 12th generation Sakaida Kakiemon's style.