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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24444 深見陶治 (青白磁ぐい呑) FUKAMI Sueharu

SKU 24444

Height 3.8 cm

Diameter 8.7 cm

Using an original sense of modeling and a unique glaze technique, he develops truly sophisticated blue and white porcelain works.

In addition to the brilliant award-winning history, many works are stored in major museums in Japan, and their popularity is extremely high overseas. This is an excellent work by Professor Sueharu Fukami, a contemporary ceramic artist representing Japan.

This work is a truly sophisticated work that exquisitely combines sharp modeling and brightly colored blue-white porcelain glaze.

Sueharu Fukami, who develops edgy works, is truly worthy of this work, which is attractive for its transcendent sharpness and detailed work.