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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24461 13代酒井田柿右衛門 (濁手数珠玉文花瓶) SAKAIDA Kakiemon

SKU 24461

Height 27.5 cm

Diameter 26.8 cm

A great potter who restored the once-declining "Muddy Hand" with his father, who was in his twelve generations, and was proud of the best skills of Kakiemon in history, and laid the foundation for the prosperity of modern Kakiemon [13th Sakai] Takakiemon] (1906-1982).

A work full of excellent work area and dignity.

A beaded pattern is drawn on a beautiful milky white base that is unique to murky hands, and the design that demonstrates the originality of the thirteenth generation attracts the viewer's heart.

The traditional base and the designs of the present era harmonize to color the present age. .. .. It is an extremely wonderful work that expresses the beliefs of the 13th generation.