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Enjoy your shopping!!

24470 14代辻常陸 (染付窓絵水禽文香炉) TSUJI Hitachi

SKU 24470

Height 19.6 cm

Diameter 15.2 cm

Born in Arita, Saga Prefecture, the birthplace of white porcelain, in the historic pottery "Tsujiya" that has continued for 350 years.

The Tsuji family originated from the Sendai feudal lord Date Tsunamune, and even the 112th Emperor Reigen recognized the beautiful porcelain produced by the Tsuji family. Even now, many porcelains are presented to the imperial family as "Kaigen forbidden use (Kamamoto for the royal family only)".

It was also exhibited at domestic and international Expo.
In 1951 (Showa 26) after World War II, the throne of Emperor Naruhito in 1990 (1990), the birth of Princess Aiko, etc. , Received an order at every important milestone of the imperial family, and has been involved with the imperial family for a lifetime as a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency.
It is a great achievement to realize the revival of "Kyokushin-yaki", a manufacturing method called the mystery of the illusion, which was created by Kiheiji Yatsushiro.

However, as mentioned above, because it is an imperial kiln, it was rarely seen by the general public throughout the history of the Tsuji family.

Therefore, even now, although it is one of the highest pottery of Arita porcelain, it is not as popular as Sakaida Kakiemon and Imaizumi Imaemon.