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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24482 人間国宝 音丸耕堂 (堆漆竜胆香合(乾漆香盆付属・平成5年作・個展出品作))

SKU 24482

Height 1.6 cm

Diameter 6.6 cm

Fascinated by the work of Tamakaji Zokoku, a carved lacquer artist at the end of the Edo period, who is considered to be the ancestor of modern lacquer art, he learned the technique of lacquer art by himself and was certified as a Living National Treasure for innovating lacquer art in Japan. It is a whole body work that boasts an overwhelming performance.

Carved lacquer: A technique in which various colored lacquers are applied dozens to hundreds of times to create a layer of colored lacquer (100 times, about 3 mm thick), and the layer is carved to highlight the pattern.

The contrast between the three-dimensional effect of the carving itself and the change in color caused by the depth of the carving creates a unique beauty.

Tamakaji Zokoku, who was introduced from China to Japan during the Muromachi period and has excellent carving techniques, devised his own carved lacquer technique to create his work. The one with only red lacquer applied is called Tsukushu, and the one with only black lacquer applied is called Tsukoku.

Currently, various colored lacquers are used due to the development of pigments.

It is a gem that clearly shows that it was created in the last years of the 1993 work.

The gentian flowers that bloom from September to November are carved.